Our Fees

Our fees and levies allow us to provide our students and their families with the most up to date educational practices, technology and quality staff.

School fees have two components; 1. Family Fee and 2. Student Levies. The Family Fee is charged per family, while Student Levies are billed for each of your children.

The Family Fee for 2023 will be $2000.00 per annum plus levies.

The Family Fee for 2023 Health Care Card holders is $780 per annum plus levies.

Student Levies cover the activities that your child will participate in throughout the year. Levies are per student.

2023 Student Levies

Year Level Levy
Prep $700
Year 1 $725
Year 2 $740
Year 3 $1000
Year 4 $1000
Year 5 $1080
Year 6 $1190

Using this table you can calculate your fees for the year by adding the Family Fee and the Student Levies applicable for your children. For example if your children will be in Prep and Year 2, you will pay a Family Fee of $2000 + $700+ 740 = $3440 for the year.

Fees are sent as an annual invoice but there are several payment options available:

  1. In three equal instalments by 22 March, June 21 and September 13; OR
  2. Annual payment of fees in full by March 22; OR
  3. Ten equal instalments from February to November on the 17th of the month
  4. Via direct debit/electronic funds transfer in instalments that work for your family.

Direct Debit form

Swimming is a compulsory activity that is subsidised by our Government and funds are then distributed through CEM. When this subsidy has been confirmed, you will be billed any remaining amount.

As a Catholic school we will ensure that no family is turned away through inability to pay fees. A reduced fee is available for Health Care Card Holders. Please discuss this with Christine.

Financial Assistance from the Government

Some families may be eligible for financial assistance through the Camps, Sports and Excursion Fund.  Please discuss this with Christine.   CSEF application form