Wellbeing Practices at Holy Rosary

Student wellbeing is of the highest priority at Holy Rosary. We work hard to ensure that our students feel connected and safe. We cater for them socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually.

Buddy system: There is a strong buddy system running throughout the year levels. Students learn to look after one another and respect their peers and teachers.

Crossing guards: Road safety is vital for our school community. There are crossing guards on duty throughout Kensington before and after school. Andrew looks after our students on the crossing right outside our door and across the main roads.

Play areas: Holy Rosary has two main play areas for students. The adventure playground has play equipment for children to climb and play on. There’s a sand-pit and mini running circuit. The top ground is where most of the sports action takes place with netball and basketball hoops, down ball courts and space for running around.

Library at Lunch time: During the first lunch break a designated time is provided for students to participate in quiet activities in the library,

Student Meditation: Christian meditation takes place regularly in classrooms and is offered on a weekly basis to Year 6 students.

Bike/scooter parking: Students are encouraged to walk or ride to school. There is a parking area for bikes and scooters.