Education and Learning

Holy Rosary is a vibrant learning community.

We understand that a student's achievement is dependent on the curriculum being tailored to meet their needs. 

This process is on-going and changing as students grow and develop.

Our teachers stay abreast of all curriculum areas and contemporary teaching practices.

They are continually improving through professional development and peer learning.

We support our students to feel that they belong and have a voice within their learning environment.

Your child’s individual needs are paramount.


Music plays a special part in Holy Rosary School. We have a specialist music teacher delivering a music program to all students. The classroom program focuses on the craft of making music. Opportunities to perform outside the classroom include our junior and senior choirs and our senior rock bands.
Private instrumental tuition is available during the school day in drums, guitar and piano. Instrumental lessons have a fee.





A specialist science teacher delivers a hands-on weekly science program to each class. Topics incorporated into the program are generated by ideas and questions from the children.


Physical Education

Weekly classes are conducted by a specialist physical education teacher. Classes cover a range of sports and basic skills and encourage fitness and participation.


Holy Rosary School participates in a range of inter school sport competitions, including:

  • netball, football, tee-ball and soccer for senior students
  • cross-country competition
  • athletics carnival
  • swimming carnival
  • soccer carnival.

​We look forward to our Holy Rosary athletics carnival every year, which is a great community celebration.



Japanese is taught to every student from prep to grade 6 on a weekly basis. Classes teach basic vocabulary and conversation skills. Dance, song and craft are incorporated as a window to both Japanese language and culture.

Spanish is taught after school by private providers for a fee.



Holy Rosary has an active environmental program. Our chickens and garden are tended lovingly by our children. Our eggs and home-grown produce are used by our students in weekly cooking activities.

This program not only teaches many important environmental lessons, it also builds fantastic connections between children across the school.