Religious Education

Holy Rosary is a Catholic school and we follow the Catholic Education Melbourne framework for the teaching of Religious Education.

As a multi-cultural, multi-faith school we integrate the values of hospitality, inclusion, compassion, service, social justice and peace throughout the school. Our program is inclusive of other religions.

Sacramental Program

All students are involved in learning about the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church as part of our Religious Education program. Catholic families of baptised students enrol their children, should they wish, to participate in sacramental celebrations as follows:

Reconciliation: Year 3

Eucharist: Year 4

Confirmation: Year 6

Students who are not enrolled to celebrate these sacraments are warmly invited to attend and engage with our celebrations.

Families who are considering baptism of their children should call our Parish Priest, Fr HienĀ (9412 8496) to arrange a time to discuss this.

Social Justice

We encourage students to work proactively to assist those who are less fortunate by sharing their time, talents and resources. Examples of this include fundraising activities for ‘Mercy Giving’ which allows us to families who may be experiencing challenging times. Students also work to raise funds for Project Compassion each Lent. This year, this was via a ‘silver coin’ drive so that we could turn the story of Judas’ betrayal into a story of hope. At Christmas, our Giving Tree provides bountiful Christmas hampers for those who need a little help during the festive season. Additionally, students often initiate fundraising activities for causes close to their heart.

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