Parent Engagement

Socialising after Women's Health Forum
Making spring rolls for our Family Fun Day
We welcome parents to join many excursions

We invite parents, as part of our school community to engage in a variety of activities and celebrations throughout the year. Come along to our assemblies each Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon.  Join us for our masses and liturgies, Art Show, Musical Production, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day breakfasts, Women’s Health Forum and Carols night.

Parents and families are also warmly encouraged to engage with our school community by participating in a wide range of opportunities to support our learning programs, and community activities.  This can include sharing your gifts and talents around the school (For example; coding, sewing, gardening, history talks, decorating), volunteering before and during Family Fun Day, accessing guest speakers for our students,  joining our School Board or Fundraising Team, becoming a Class Rep to organise events for families, reading or writing with children in class, or helping out during excursions, working bees and sporting activities. There’s a variety of ways for everyone to be involved, and students and staff love to see you in and around the school.

We’ll also welcome you to join with us as part of our Prep transition program and when we provide family learning activities and celebrations.

You are always welcome and encouraged to join our classroom and school activities when parents are invited, but if you would like to volunteer in any capacity you will need a Working with Children Check.