School Advisory Council

The Holy Rosary School Advisory Council is a group of parents and parishioners who are passionate
about supporting the spiritual and educational welfare of students at the school.

It was formed in 2022 when all Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne came under the
guidance of Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools (MACS) and were asked to establish a School
Advisory Council to give parents, guardians and carers a chance to be involved in the school. It
replaced the Parish Educational Board.

The Council advises the principal on important matters and supports the school leadership team in
its decision-making process.

Within the official parameters of its role, and considering the vision and needs of Holy Rosary, the
School Advisory Council is focused on the following:

VISION: To enable exceptional learning and wellbeing experiences for the Holy Rosary Community.

PURPOSE: Continually improve the tools, spaces and programs that create a passion for learning and
nurture connected children and families.

The Council welcomes conversations will all members of the Holy Rosary Community to better
understand your thoughts, wishes and feedback. Please email
at any time or speak with one of the Council members (listed below).

School Advisory Council Members

Laura Cochrane: Chair

SAC member 2022
Laura Cochrane

Leona Jackson: Secretary

SAC member 2022
Leona Jackson

Damien Murray: Parish Rep

SAC member 2022
Damien Murray

Fr Thang Vu: Custodian of Mission

Fr Thang Vu

Pilar Abou Haila

SAC member 2022
Pilar Abou Haila

Rachel Luong

Rachel Luong

Maria Sedunary: Deputy Principal

Maria Sedunary

Christine Shaw: Principal

Christine Shaw



School Advisory Council Terms of Reference

School Advisory Councils -Code of Conduct

School Advisory Councils Manual

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