Our School Vision

At Holy Rosary School we are inspired by the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. We nurture a sense of truth, tolerance and justice as we embrace the diversity of faith and culture in our community.

Our safe and supportive environment enables students to be successful, confident and resilient, willing to accept challenges, and to take risks in their learning. With a commitment to citizenship, our school contributes actively to our wider community.

As a learning community we offer a challenging and purposeful curriculum which is enjoyable, and meets the needs and experiences of our students while preparing them for a changing world.

True to our Catholic, cultural and Mercy traditions we are welcoming and inclusive of all. Partnership with our families, parish and local community is essential to our identity.

Through our classroom and off-site learning experiences we aim to develop in our students inquiring minds, a commitment to responsibility for learning and development, connection to peers and locality and a growing sense of citizenship. We want to look with mercy on all God has made.

We engage in purposeful learning which challenges students academically and develops the whole person.

The words of our school song suggest our mission, “We believe in strength, love and kindness. We will be light to those around us.”