Our Motto and Our Logo

Shining with Mercy Spirit

Holy Rosary School’s motto is aspirational and:

  • Shares our school vision and values
  • Shares a faith message
  • Can be used as a measuring stick
  • Can be taught, promoted and enculturated

Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Mercy sisters said “We should be shining lamps, giving light to all around us.” This quote is at the heart of our motto.  It references our Catholic faith, the tradition of the Mercy Sisters, and their charism. If we are shining with Mercy Spirit, we give service to others, we are a positive example; just as the Mercy Sisters were. Light is also part of our school song. and we sing “We will be light to those around us.”

Mercy Spirit is the name of Holy Rosary School’s annual award and allows connection between our award and the school values of resilience, respect, relationships, kindness and integrity. 

The Mercy Cross

Catherine McAuley designed the original Mercy Cross herself -a dark background with a white cross in the middle. The Mercy Cross we see today and that is central to our logo still has a white cross in the middle of a dark coloured cross. Catherine chose the cross to be the symbol of the Sisters of Mercy because of her deep love for the crucified Jesus. The Mercy Cross does not have the figure of Jesus on it. This is because Catherine believed that each Sister of Mercy places herself on the cross to be like Jesus.